Moving Along

by steve

Last week, we met in person with the social worker from the agency with which we hope to work.  (Boy that sentence sounds stuffy, doesn’t it?  I’m paranoid about ending sentences with prepositions, though.  Reminds me of the quote attributed to Winston Churchill: “Ending a sentence with a preposition is something up with which I shall not put.”)

This first meeting was the first step necessary for licensure.  We met at the agency, turned in our initial application, and received a ton of paperwork in exchange.  Most of it is stuff we already did in North Carolina, but need to do again.  Fingerprints, social history, marriage certificate, divorce decrees from our former marriages, physical exams for all four of us, possibly TB tests, etc.

We took another step today by finally getting our Virginia drivers licenses.  It’s already been over two months since we moved (does anyone actually manage to get these things done in the 30 days you’re supposed to do them?), so we were eager to get that one task out of the way.

The agency requires training (again, something we already went through in NC), and they are scheduling it on 3 different Saturdays for about 6 hours each day.  Our first day is Feb 28, with the subsequent trainings every two weeks through the end of March.

Additionally, there will be two required home visits.  Our first home visit is scheduled for next Thursday.  The second one will likely be before the end of our training.

Provided we can get all the paperwork completed before too long, it shouldn’t be very long after our training is finished before our license is approved.

So, we’re marching forward.  Stay tuned!

steve :)

February 7th, 2009

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