Just a Little While Longer…

by christy

Just wanted to take the time to update you on the latest news regarding our status as foster parents in Virginia.

We have completed many of our requirements….trainings, background check, some paperwork and 1 home visit.  We will have another home visit this week to complete the paperwork (social history, child profile, copies of documents, etc.).  We have been told that we should be approved by late May.  We’ll keep everyone posted on that progress.

We are getting the rooms ready for another child to enter our home.  We have been told of an increase (sadly) in cases in the past few months.  So, we are expecting to be able to assist the agency fairly soon after being approved.

Please be praying for patience for us and that any transition will be an easy one for our children.  Also, be praying for the families that will be invloved with the agency and that we can be a help to them and their precious children.

We also have one more training to attend next week for adoption.  We do hope to adopt another child in the future.  So, we ask, in addition to the foster children, that you will pray for any children that we may be able to adopt through this system.

God’s timing is perfect….and we are being guided by Him.  We pray that we will recognize and follow the voice of the Spirit in regards to accepting and adopting any future children.

We will update again very soon—

Christy :)

April 21st, 2009

2 Responses to “Just a Little While Longer…”

  1. Tony Says:

    You guys are awesome. It blesses me so much to see you guys consider adopting another…three more to go!!! ;-)

  2. Laura Says:

    Can’t wait to hear everything… praying with you guys!